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Relationship Counselling at Roshill Medical

Specialised therapy and counselling for relationship difficulties, in-person and online.

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Relationships can be incredibly rewarding, but they can also require some hard work, with difficulties in relationships being a common issue for many people.

What is Relationship Counselling?

Relationships go through different phases over the course of their existence, with some of these phases bringing more challenges than others. At times relationships can feel fractured and conflicted, with arguments and distance replacing previous feelings of intimacy and support.

Some relationships will weather this storm and return to positive experiences; some will get stuck in this difficult space with the relationship remaining intact but feeling damaged; others will result in the breakdown and dissolution of the relationship.

Relationship difficulties we deal with

The causes of relationship difficulties can be wide-ranging, with factors that include stress regarding either (or both) partners’ families, work stress, disagreements regarding parenting, one or both partners not feeling valued or appreciated, infidelity, addiction, and mental health difficulties being among the most commonly seen.

•Feelings of drifting apart
•Frequent arguments
•Loss of intimacy
•Loss of fulfilling sex life
•Sense of no longer being involved in a supportive and loving partnership

What is the pricing for this Service?

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*Please note, that a cancellation fee of 100% applies if you do not provide more than 5 working days’ notice.


You can also reach out to us at hello@mentalhealth.ie or call 01 611 1719.

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