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Advanced bespoke University healthcare solutions for students and staff

Partner with us and experience the benefits of 24/7 value focused, human centred, advanced healthcare solutions to support the physical and mental health of faculty, students and staff.

Our services

Services we can provide for you

Flexible Bespoke Healthcare

Capacity to provide care off site or on campus with integrated in-person and telehealth delivery to maximise access, convenience and outcomes.

Mental Health Services

Mental healthcare provided in person and remotely by Centric Mental Health’s nationwide network of 15 clinics, including ADHD and ASD diagnosis for teens and adults.

Tailored Wellness Programmes

Customized wellness initiatives crafted to align with your university's unique needs, fostering a healthier and more engaged campus

Risk Management and Prevention

Proactive programs designed to identify and mitigate health risks before they escalate, safeguarding your population's health and reducing associated costs


Why partner with Centric Health

Partnering with Centric Health unlocks significant benefits for universities and private institutions. Our commitment to improving health outcomes combined with our innovative approach offers an enriched healthcare environment.


Extensive Network

Benefit from a national network of GP and allied health primary care facilities.


Data-Driven Health Interventions

Informed by robust analytics, our interventions pinpoint specific health needs and implement targeted solutions, resulting in improved outcomes.


Graduate Placement Programmes

Unlock new graduate placement opportunities across our nationwide network.


Health Research Collaboration

Beyond health service provision to encompass collaboration on health research and graduate placements.

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