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Health and Wellness Solutions

Custom health programmes aligned with your organization's unique needs promoting wellbeing, preventing illness and fostering a healthier and more engaged community.

Tailored Mental Fitness

Mental health programmes for management and employees, training of mental health ambassadors and first responders, diagnostics and therapy to address stress, anxiety, relationships, burnout and depression.

Data-Driven Health Interventions

Informed by robust analytics, our interventions pinpoint specific health needs and implement targeted solutions, resulting in improved outcomes.

Risk Management and Prevention

Proactive programs designed to identify and mitigate health risks before they escalate, safeguarding your population's health and reducing associated costs.


Why partner with Centric Health

We work with over 200 companies of all sizes, big and small, to create a bespoke programme of quality, value driven healthcare that best suits their needs, goals and budget. We help your employees stay on top of their health with access to great physical and mental health services, delivered where and when they want it.


24/7 Virtual GP Support

24/7 care with our Virtual GP Packages – full range of GP care consultations delivered remotely, escalated to in person as needed.


Physical and Mental Healthcare from one provider

Not only can we care for your people's physical welfare, our teams of psychologists and psychoanalysts help employees enhance overall mental fitness, embrace stress, avoid burnout, build resilience and improve work performance.


Data Driven Health Interventions

Aggregated, anonymised, analysed results, shared with the executive, highlighting any care gaps that can negatively impact company performance and succession planning.


Extensive Network

We have an extensive network of healthcare centres across Ireland.

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