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Grow market share by offering your members more for less. Partner with us and foster customer loyalty through the development and execution of easily accessible primary care, key specialist services and chronic disease management programmes.

Our services

Services we can provide for you

Health and Wellness Solutions

Comprehensive health strategies focused on improved health, preventing illness and improving quality of life. Fast track access to a range of specialist services delivered across our nationwide primary care network.

Tailored Mental Health

Mental health programmes custom designed to address key mental health challenges faced by members - in-person or virtual therapy for depression, stress and anxiety, relationships, burnout, including CBT, ADHD & Autism diagnostics.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease management programmes targeting the most common chronic illnesses, reducing costly hospitalisation, improving quality of life.

Risk Management and Prevention

Proactive preventative health programmes designed to identify and mitigate health risks before they escalate, safeguarding your population's health and reducing associated costs.


Why partner with Centric Health

Founded in 2000, Centric Health has proven track record of successful innovation in primary healthcare and a wealth of experience in the care of the community at large scale. From management of day to day GP led services for 10% of the Irish population, to preventative healthcare programmes and collaborative European R & D initiatives, our focus is on continuously improving primary care for those we have the privilege to serve.


Proven Track Record of Effective, Efficient, Focused Care

From private urgent care clinics, to 24/7 online virtual GP consultations and GP led specialist services, we are adept at successfully developing and implementing innovative white labelled primary care pathways.


Physical and Mental Healthcare - one provider

Not only can we care for your member's physical welfare, our teams of psychologists and psychoanalysts can support your members mental health with access to in person and virtual mental health services.


Data-Driven Health Interventions

Informed by robust analytics, our interventions pinpoint specific health needs and enable implementation of targeted solutions.


Extensive National Network

Our extensive network of healthcare centres support your members nationwide.


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