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Wake up excited every day, fulfilled in the career of a lifetime, proud of the improvements you have made, respected in a deeply committed team of colleagues. Together, we can make a real difference in peoples lives.

Why choose us

Working as a Psychologist in Centric Health

With Centric Health, you can be part of something bigger. Our innovative systems and forward thinking technologies support you in your role so that you can concentrate on delivering quality care to your patients, as we work together towards the goal of a healthier, happier society.


Competitive Salary

When you work at Centric Health, your salary is competitively aligned with market rates and grows in line with your contribution to our common goal of improving the care we provide our patients.


Generous Bonus Structure

At Centric Health, our bonus structure rewards your achievements. We set clear and achievable targets annually around our 4 key lenses of patient care against which performance is measured.


Career Advancement Opportunities

Dependent on your role and your career ambitions, there are many opportunities to upskill and advance your career, both through internal training programmes, customised University programmes and external education opportunities.


Employment Variety

Choose from full time, remote and part time positions to fit your career path


Remote Work

Dependent on your role, there are many opportunities to work remotely throughout your career.


Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

Thrive in a welcoming, diverse group of sincere, warm people whose common goals to improve patient care forms an inclusive community of like minded friends. Diversity of thought and action is the fuel that ignites the best ideas and initiatives, the blending of all our skills and experience. Each of us is given a voice to speak and a responsibility to listen, learn, do and support each other in our work.


Employee Assistance Programmes

Benefit from our comprehensive support for mental health and wellbeing.


Healthy Work Environment

We believe in working sustainably. That means we take a healthy approach to work, giving help when its needed, protecting your work life balance so you live a fulfilled personal life.

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