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Elevate your Medical Practice with Centric Health

Partnering with Centric Health unleashes a wealth of growth opportunities, advanced digital medical technologies and a network of professional collaborations to elevate your medical practice


Partnership Options

Partnering with Centric Health unlocks significant benefits for both Practice owners, incumbent GP doctors and patients.

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    Selling Your Practice to Centric Health

    Our straightforward confidential evaluation process will allow you to quickly understand how partnership with Centric Health would work. Practice characteristics, clinical aspirations and existing structure are discussed, followed by mutual information sharing by us both. We then present options and you decide whether to proceed. The transition process ensures continuity of care, secures employment of your team in a new Partnership and rewards the value you have generated as a founder.

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    Becoming a Partner Doctor

    Participate in our structured Partner Doctor pathway at Centric Health and you become part of our decision-making process, shaping the future of healthcare while growing professionally and financially.

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    Working as an Associate Doctor

    As an Associate Doctor at Centric, you'll work in a dynamic, technology-driven setting, with the chance to learn from top medical professionals, develop a special interest skill and have a structured career pathway to achieve your professional goals.


Why partner with Centric Health

Partnering with Centric Health unlocks significant benefits for staff and patients. We build on the legacy of your team, enable doctors to focus on the patient, not the paperwork. We provide continuity of care for patients while enabling expansion through structured care provision & digital innovation. Our commitment to improving health outcomes combined with our innovative approach offers an enriched healthcare environment.


Continuity of Care

We ensure continuity of high quality care for all your public and private patients. Our partnership model manages the transition from current partners to new GP partners to provide continual clinical leadership in the practice.


Supported Partnership & Full Clinical Autonomy

Our practices are partnerships in every sense - as Clinical Partner, you’ll stay in control as primary carer with full clinical autonomy. Centric Health, as managing partner, focuses on all aspects of practice management, enabling you to do what you do best, caring for your patients.


Team Legacy

We build on the legacy of your team and clinic. A new partnership will be created through merging your practice, protecting the legacy of the practice into the future.


Clinical Innovation

Centric Health believes the future of general practice will see innovative patient pathways enabled by technology (clinical and administrative) and is implementing those pathways for the benefit of our patients and teams today.


Technology that improves lives

Our investment in technology focuses on solutions that improve our patients lives and outcomes. Innovative digitally enabled pathways, products like our Heartcare@Home app, quickly improve quality of life for patients with chronic disease.


Business Technology Advancement

Our innovative business technologies free up our doctors to focus on patient care – products like ‘mycentric’ our bespoke web platform integrated with our Patient Administration System, enables online bookings and patient engagement at the click of a button.


New Models of Planned Care

Our models of planned care ensures acuity is prioritised in care delivery. We maximise continuity of access to the same doctor for patients, optimising care while particular focus is given to chronic disease management. Reported benefit results include reduced attendances, improved patient satisfaction and reduced stress across the practice.


Work-Life Balance

We remove the operational burden of running the practice, freeing up your time with patients and your time off.

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