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Find your fit in our world of healthcare excellence: explore diverse roles, learn about our nurturing work culture and be a part of our journey towards transformative healthcare at Centric Health.

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At Centric Health, our patients welfare is at the centre of every decision we make, always. Clinical and operational colleagues pull together, selflessly, to support, teach, foster, give whatever it takes. Our combined ability and focused perseverance advocates for and improves our patients’ care. We challenge what we do and how we do it every day because when the only motivation is to build better healthcare, there are no boundaries, no egos, no rules, its everyone’s job description. We attract ambitious, capable, open minded, positive people. Team players that listen, learn, challenge old ways, find new better ones and make them happen. Wake up excited every day, fulfilled in the career of a lifetime, proud of the improvements you have made, respected in a deeply committed team of colleagues. Together, we can make a real difference in peoples lives.

Centric Health Graduation Ceremony 2023

Graduation Ceremony 2023

We want to say a huge congratulations to all who graduated from various courses run in conjunction with Centric Health. The ceremony for over 90 graduates took place in the IMI, Dublin. Join Our Team and Discover Exciting Career Opportunities!

Centric Health in numbers

A premier healthcare team in Ireland. Our dedicated doctors, nurses, support staff and professionals work together to provide exceptional patient care for you.

550 000

Patients trust us to care for them in Ireland.

19 years

Serving our patients


Centric Health colleagues working together to provide the people we serve with the best possible care.

76 centres

of primary care across Ireland.


Flourish in a supportive professional network

Work in an environment that fosters and builds teams of happy, fulfilled, mutually respectful people who support your health, personal and professional ambition.


The wealth of employee perks

With Centric Health, you can be part of something bigger. Our innovative systems and forward thinking technologies support you in your role so that you can concentrate on delivering quality care to patients, as we work together towards the goal of healthier, happier communities.


Competitive Salary

When you work at Centric Health, your salary is competitively aligned with market rates and grows in line with your contribution to our common goal of improving the care we provide our patients.


Generous Bonus Structure

At Centric Health, our bonus structure rewards your achievements. We set clear and achievable targets annually around our 4 key lenses of patient care against which performance is measured.


Employment Variety

Whether you are working clinically or administratively, you are part of a diverse multicultural workplace that is constantly growing, innovating and developing how we care for our patients.


Career Advancement Opportunities

Dependent on your role and your career ambitions, there are many opportunities to upskill and advance your career, both through internal training programmes, customised University programmes and external education opportunities.


Remote Work

Dependent on your role, there are many opportunities to work remotely throughout your career.


Employee Assistance Programmes

Benefit from our comprehensive support for mental health and wellbeing.


Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

Thrive in a welcoming, diverse group of sincere, warm people whose common goals to improve patient care forms an inclusive community of like minded friends. Diversity of thought and action is the fuel that ignites the best ideas and initiatives, the blending of all our skills and experience. Each of us is given a voice to speak and a responsibility to listen, learn, do and support each other in our work.


Healthy Work Environment

We believe in working sustainably. That means we take a healthy approach to work, giving help when its needed, protecting your work live balance so you live a fulfilled personal life.

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Centric Health 9th Annual GP Conference

Centric Health 9th Annual GP Conference

Celebrating a Decade of Academic Excellence! Our 9th Annual GP Conference, hosted at UCD O’Reilly Hall on Saturday, September 30th, 2023, was a resounding success. Each year, this event becomes a true academic highlight, and it's incredible to see how it has grown from strength to strength. This year, we were honoured to welcome more than 300 GPs, General Practice Nurses, and Centric Health colleagues to our conference.