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Meet the Team @ Northgate Surgery

  • Doctor
    Dr. Alan Moran

    A graduate of University College Dublin, Dr Moran completed his examination for membership of The Royal College of General Practitioners, while working as a General Practice Trainee in Ammanford, South Wales. He also completed his training in Family Planning while living in the UK.

    On his return to Ireland in 1989, he set up in Private General Practice and subsequently joined the General Medical Services Scheme in 1994. He continued his studies over the years in the areas of Orthopaedic Medicine and Pain Management. He is currently a Fellow of the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine, allowing him to teach the principles of Orthopaedic Medicine to Physiotherapists and Doctors. Outside of work he is a keen cyclist and a fanatic of anything on wheels, excluding shopping trolleys!

  • Doctor
    Dr. Wardah Peck

    South African Dr Wardah Peck gained her MBChB from the Univeristy of Cape Town in
    2003, following this up with a Diploma in Child Health from the Royal College of Physicians
    of Ireland in 2008, and then a Diploma in Advanced Sedation and Pain Management from the
    University of the Western Cape in 2013.

    Wardah, who has a particular interest in paediatric medicine, firmly believes that the GP-
    client relationship is a partnership.
    “Yes, GPs will guide best medical practice,” she says, “but patients also need to contribute to
    taking care of their health – relying less on tests and tablets as a cure to all ills.”
    She loves her busy work with its broad array of daily issues, with no day ever being the same
    or mundane.
    Having family in South Africa gives Wardah an excuse to travel whenever possible, and she
    also enjoys live shows, from ballet and theatre to concerts.
    “I also love eating – pretty much anything,” she says, “but I can't cook!”

    She has fostered cats for local charities, has read all the Jack Reacher books, and is a Marvel
    fan.  Wardah’s taste for action plays out in her own life too: she gets a kick out of rifle-
    shooting, performance-driving and horse-riding, “but I have a tendency to fall off!”

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    Dr. Michael Daly

    A graduate of UCD in 2008, Dr Daly went on to achieve Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons and a Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine from Trinity College in 2014 and 2015 respectively, before completing his training in General Practice in The Royal College of General Practitioners while a trainee in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in 2018.

    He returned to Ireland in 2021 to take up a post in Northgate Surgery.

    Dr Michael Daly specializes in guided joint injections and is available for referrals.    
    He can inject many areas including knees, shoulders, carpel tunnel, Tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, Plantar fasciitis, ankle, trigger finger.  
    As a specialised sports physician, Dr Daly is also accepting referrals for assessment and diagnosis of more complex MSK presentations. He is currently training in the use of ultrasound and is starting in incorporate this into his MSK practice.

    Outside of work Dr Daly enjoys playing golf, the gym and his full head of hair :)


    Referrals to: michael.daly@healthmail.ie
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    Jean Connor
  • person.png
    Norah Stakelum Byrne
  • Manager
    Emma Phillips