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Ultrasound of leg

The Ultrasound Suite is a private ultrasound service based within Grafton Medical Practice, Bray Women's Health Centre and The Palms Centre Gorey. Their team of expert sonographers offer a wide variety of scans. Pregnancy ultrasounds are reported by the sonographers on the same day of the scan and medical ultrasounds are reported by a consultant radiologist through Global Diagnostics, with a turnaround time of 48 hours. 


The easiest way to book with The Ultrasound Suite is through their online system here: https://dsudding.cliniko.com/bookings#location

Alternatively, you can call the clinic to speak with a receptionist.

Referral Letters:

If you have a referral letter for a medical scan from your doctor, you can email it to info@theultrasoundsuite.ie or fax it to 01 908 1545 and a receptionist will give you a call to book you in.

We do not require a referral letters for pregnancy scans. 


List of services:


Private Pregnancy Scans:

Early Pregnancy Scan

Advanced Early Pregnancy Scan (12 week scan)

First Trimester Screening (nuchal translucency scan)

Non-invasive Prenatal Testing

Late Dating Scan

Gender Scan

Detailed Anomaly Scan

3d4d Scan (includes fetal wellbeing)

Fetal Wellbeing Scan


Private Medical Scans:

Abdominal Scan

Pelvic Scan

Abdominal and Pelvic Scan

Thyroid Scan

Soft Tissue Scan

Renal Scan (kidney Scan)

Testes Scan

Venous Doppler Scan (for clots / DVT)

Carotid Doppler Scan

Shoulder Scan

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