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Other Counselling Services at Grafton Medical

Reach Out And Talk To Us Today. Share A Little Bit About Your Needs, Preferences And Expectations And We Will Be Able To Recommend The Most Appropriate Clinician Available And Can Help You Get Set Up With An Appointment At A Time And Place That Suits You.

You can visit Centric Mental Health, our dedicated website for Mental Health Services for more detailed information on other Counselling Services, and book your appointment!

How does therapy help?

Mental Health wellness is about caring for your emotional, psychological and social well-being and having the tools you need to cope and thrive in your daily life. 

If you are struggling with mental health or emotional challenges and your quality of life is suffering, we are here to help.

Whatever challenge, difficulty or transition you are experiencing, starting therapy can be a big step towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

Therapy can be a truly transformative experience, which can help you address self-destructive habits, resolve emotional pain, and improve your relationships with others and yourself.

Everyone’s mental health journey is unique so our solution-focused therapy is also individual to you. Together, we design your treatment plan and set goals and strategies so that you can progress to mental health wellness.  

Our compassionate Psychologists and Psychotherapists support adults, adolescents, children, couples and families to care for their mental health either in person or online, as preferred.

What other services are available?

Our services are based not only on the key challenges that face so many but also address:

General Life Difficulties

Trauma-Related Difficulties 

Substance Misuse 

Chronic Pain 

Disordered Eating 


What will my Therapy be like?

It is impossible to tell you exactly what your therapy process will be like, as you are unique, with your own experiences, strengths and difficulties. Good therapy is tailored to you and your situation. That said, in all modes of therapeutic work your clinician will work with you to define your goals and to develop the steps you will take to achieve those goals in therapy. Your therapeutic process will not only focus on your current situation and experiences but also on the internal patterns that may be contributing to how you are feeling.

Generally, you can expect your clinician to be someone who works with you collaboratively, listens to you attentively, challenges you appropriately and supports you in reaching your goals. Your therapist will also model a healthy and positive relationship, and follow ethical guidelines in their practice.

The relationship between you and your clinician is confidential, though there are several specific limitations to that confidentiality which your therapist will discuss with you in your first appointment.

Different Therapeutic Approaches

There are many different theoretical approaches used in therapy that influence how different mental health professionals practice. You might have heard of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Person-Centred Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Systemic Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), or Solution Focused Therapy. These are all different theoretical approaches, or orientations, that mental health professionals use to guide the way they work in helping clients overcome their difficulties and reach their goals.

Most of our clinicians are integrative in their practice. This means that they have been trained in several different theoretical approaches to therapy, and can draw on whichever will be the most useful in supporting you and your specific needs.

As well as the different theoretical approaches, there are different techniques and interventions, such as mindfulness, coping strategies and behavioural interventions, which fit with the different theoretical approaches.

If you have a preference or interest in a specific therapeutic approach or intervention type, you can read each of our clinicians’ bios here to find out which of our specialists might work best for you.

What if I don't know what's wrong or if you can help?

It is not unusual to be unsure as to what is really wrong, or whether or not we can help you.  Our initial discounted consultation is designed to identify your needs and match you to the most appropriate Psychologist or Psychoanalyst.

Book an initial consultation by clicking on the 'Book Now' tab at the top of this page. You can also reach out to us at hello@mentalhealth.ie or call 01 611 1719.

What is the pricing for this Service?

You can check our Pricing for all Mental Health Services HERE.

*Please note, that a cancellation fee of 100% applies if you do not provide more than 5 working days’ notice.


You can also reach out to us at hello@mentalhealth.ie or call 01 611 1719.

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