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Autism (ASD) Assessment for Children

Our Children's Autism (ASD) Assessment provides a clear diagnosis, as well as feedback and advice on the next steps for therapy.

You can visit Centric Mental Health, our dedicated website for Mental Health Services for more detailed information on Child ASD Assessments, and book your appointment!

What is an Autism (ASD) Assessment?

This stand-alone adult ASD psychological assessment service aims to determine if someone meets the criteria for a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

ASD is a neurodevelopmental difference and can fall into the category of ‘neurodiversity’, a term used to consider the natural differences in brain functioning in the human population. ASD affects how people interact with others, communicate, and learn. It is estimated that 1% of the population meets the criteria for a diagnosis of ASD.

Getting an assessment for your child can help with peace of mind, knowledge, advice and support. If your child is diagnosed with ASD, this can open access to a variety of support resources. If your child does not receive a diagnosis, it can still help with exploring alternative assistance which can assist in getting your child the support they need.

Who should attend the Child's Autism Assessment?

In addition to meeting with your child or adolescent, it will be important for the assessing clinician to meet with the primary caregivers in the child’s life. In addition to the parents, this may also include other family members who have regular interaction with the child. We ask that for the initial meeting, the total number of participants attending is limited to 2 people.

How do Children's ASD Assessments work?

The ASD assessments will be completed by one of our psychologists in one of our Dublin clinic locations and will include the following:

Pre-Assessment Screening A set of online questionnaires sent by email for the parents and the child’s teacher to complete in advance of the assessment.
Session 1
An initial 90-minute meeting with the parents to gather information about concerns for the child using a structured clinical interview. Please note this session may take place in person or virtually.
Session 2 A follow-up 60-minute meeting with the child to complete an activity-based autism assessment. Please note this session must take place in person and cannot be administered online
Session 3 A follow-up 60-minute meeting with the child to complete a cognitive assessment. Please note this session must take place in person and cannot be administered online.
Feedback Session A 45-minute one-to-one follow-up feedback session with parents to review the report and discuss findings. This can be completed remotely or in person.

What will I get from this assessment?

For Child ASD Assessments, you will be provided with a one-to-one feedback session with the psychologist to review your child’s results and tailored recommendations. Should your child meet the criteria for ASD, your child will be offered fast-tracked access to psychological support in Centric Mental Health. Additionally, all assessment reports are completed in line with the HSE and Department of Education guidelines. If there are specific concerns around the child’s presentation you would like to highlight prior to your assessment, you will have the opportunity to do so both during the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire and in the initial meeting with your assessing psychologist.

What is not included in the assessment?

As our clinicians are fully chartered psychologists and not Medical Practitioners or Psychiatrists, we are unable to provide access to psychiatric medication for you or your child. Should your report identify that you do meet the criteria for a diagnosis, options around how to access medication will be discussed between yourself and your assessing psychologist.

How much does the Children's Autism Assessment cost?

Child/Adolescent Autism Assessments


This service is for children aged 6-17


*Please note, that a cancellation fee of 100% applies if you do not provide more than 5 working days’ notice.


You can also reach out to us at hello@mentalhealth.ie or call 01 611 1719.