Centric’s Health Path has been developed by Dr Paddy Barrett, Preventive Cardiologist and Dr Emmett Byrne, GP Specialist in Preventive Medicine.

Health Path provides a very specific targeted approach to your health. We assess your health risk factors and create a plan to resolve the root cause of any identified issues that are responsible for driving disease morbidity and mortality. Using the latest body composition profiling and state of the art laboratory testing, such as advanced lipid and insulin profiling, we detect risk factors and potential disease, like cardiovascular and metabolic health problems, as early as scientifically possible.

This detailed biometric testing, coupled with submaximal fitness test and our targeted blood screening will identify the early risk factors and drivers of chronic disease, which in turn allows for earlier intervention, improving overall health and life span.

We aim to take a shared responsibility for our participants’ health and guide them to optimal health through preventive medicine and behavioral change.


Steps in your Health Path Programme

  • Onboarding (registration, book appointment and
    complete online health questionnaire).
  • Attend your initial nurse assessment in Clifton Court Medical, (Fitzwilliam Street Lower, D2) where our Health Path nurse will carry out all the preventive health tests (extensive blood testing, ECG, submaximal fitness (bike) test, body composition profile).
  • Follow up consultation with the Health Path doctor is available the week after your initial health assessment.
  • Receive your health report to include your personalised health action plan one week after your doctor consultation.
  • Reassess and retest in 3 months with a follow up doctor consultation and revised action plan.
  • *Option to escalate to our ‘Health Path Plus’ Programme with our clinical partners supporting a personalised 12 week programme across exercise prescription, nutrition, psychological support or health coaching.
  • *Option to be referred for additional diagnostic and blood tests. This may be recommended by the doctor during the consultation.

*Please note: There are additional costs for these optional elements of the programme.


In order to ensure you that all aspects of your Health Path journey run smoothly, please make sure you follow the steps outlined below:

  • Registration process to book your initial appointment.
  • Complete your online questionnaire prior to attending your initial assessment.
  • Fast from midnight prior to your appointment time (water only). Please note: If you have a pre-existing medical condition that prevents you from fasting, please mention this to the nurse.
  • A submaximal fitness test forms part of your health assessment, which requires you to cycle on a stationary bike for approximately 10 minutes. Even though this test is below maximum intensity, we would advise you to bring comfortable sportswear and runners.
  • Arrive at Clifton Court Medical, (Fitzwilliam Street Lower, D2), 5 minutes before your appointment.


Health Path Complete- €925 to include 3 month repeat testing and follow up.

Health Path Foundation- €625 (excludes repeat testing and follow up).


For enquiries, please email: healthpath@centrichealth.ie or phone 01 661 2222.


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