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If you’re tired of constantly battling with your skin, our online acne treatment could be just what you need.


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Effective Acne Treatment

Acne isn’t just spots: it can be devastating for both teen and adult sufferers. If you’re tired of struggling with your skin, our online Acne Clinic is available wherever you are.
What is the Acne Clinic?
We get it: acne is never “just spots.” Nor does it tend to clear up of its own accord, with adult acne a reality too, so of course you’ll want it treated as soon as possible. That is why our online Acne Clinic is available wherever you are.

We provide speedy access to a range of proven, effective acne remedies through one-to-one online consultations with our GP dermatology specialist. You may also be asked to visit for blood tests so that we can confirm the cause of your acne, and start you on the right treatment.
We know that acne has long been the scourge of young faces and bodies – and older ones too – so if you’re tired of constantly battling with your skin, then our online acne clinic may be just what you need.
Will acne treatment work?
Most patients show improvement within weeks, already feeling more comfortable in their skin.  After a few months, our patients report that they’ve regained lost confidence, and renewed their zest for life.

We provide fast access to a range of tried and tested effective acne treatments through one to one online appointments with our GP Dermatology Specialist.

You may be asked to visit for blood tests so that we can confirm the cause of your acne and start you on the right treatment.

Most patients start to get relief within a few weeks of beginning treatment and start to feel more comfortable in their skin. After a few months our patients report that they’ve reclaimed lost confidence and gained a whole new lease of life.

What is Acne?

Acne is a very common skin condition, usually beginning in adolescence, but in a small proportion of individuals persisting into their 20s, 30s and even 40s. Some individuals develop adult acne without having suffered with it previously. Acne most often occurs on the face but back acne, shoulder acne and chest acne is all very common.  Acne occurs due to the over-stimulation of oil-producing glands by hormones. This leads to oiliness or seborrhoea of the skin, white and black heads, pimples, pustules, nodules and cysts.  Picking and squeezing of lesions in addition to the more severe forms of acne can lead to scarring and skin pigmentation.

What causes Acne?

Acne is mainly caused by sex hormones and aggravated by occlusion (masks) occlusive cosmetic creams, camouflage and picking.

Acne is graded as mild, moderate and severe.  A thorough understanding of the pathogenesis of acne can determine best treatment plans and best patient outcomes.  There are myths and misconceptions about diet/food intolerances and acne. While research is ongoing, at present there is no conclusive evidence linking a poor diet to acne. However, a healthy diet with good hydration is key to general wellbeing, which will benefit overall physical appearance.

What is the recommended treatment for Acne?

Acne usually starts in adolescence and concludes in late teenage years. It’s difficult to determine when the acne cycle will end on an individual basis and thus treatments must be tailored accordingly. However, a prerequisite to any medical treatment for acne has to be good skincare and the avoidance of comedogenic (black and white head enticing ) products. Basic cleansing of the acne affected areas twice daily with a mild acne cleanser or salicylic acid - containing products is key. Mild forms of acne may also benefit from the addition of topical benzyl peroxide or retinoids. Moderate acne responds well to basis skincare, with the addition of possible Benzyl peroxide, retinoids or topical antibiotics. Oral treatment such as systemic antibiotics or tretinoin ( Roaccutane ) are reserved for moderate and severe acne. Most systemic antibiotics are prescribed for a period of 6 months. It’s important that good skincare is adhered to during this period and not withdrawn post treatment, contributing to relapse.

Roaccutane is an oral vitamin A derivative, reserved for severe acne, acne not responding to conventional treatments, unresponsive acne or acne with scarring. Patients are carefully selected before embarking on this treatment. As acne patients generally are a more psychologically vulnerable group, they are carefully monitored during the course of treatment with a monthly physical or virtual appointment. Bloods are done monthly or bi-monthly and female patients must produce a negative pregnancy test on a monthly basis before a renewal script is issued. Roaccutane is only prescribed by Consultant Dermatologists or in those with experience in its use. In selected patients, it's use is transformative, patients citing long lasting physical and psychological benefits.

"With a lot of experience in Roaccutane treatment,  I have found it to be an extremely effective treatment for acne, when used properly in selected patients and under careful medical supervision.  It offers a permanent solution to what can be a devastating skin issue for so many."

Dr Lena Healy Acne Specialist GP

"I first met Dr Healy a number of years ago when I was suffering from folliculitis barbae caused by ingrown hairs due to shaving. This condition was causing me great torment as apart from the condition being unsightly it was quite painful. I had tried a number of off the shelf lotions and potions but when Dr Healy took over treatment she was quick to put me on a course of roaccutane. She oversaw the treatment and showed further interest in recommending a varied shaving regime which mixed it up between wet and electric shaving.
She also recommended sea swimming as the salt water has good medicinal benefits! My skin has 100% cleared and I was delighted with the treatment I received which saved me from having to go on a long waiting list to see a dermatologist. I couldn’t recommend Dr Healy highly enough, a thorough professional with a lovely clinical manner." Male Patient 2020 Blackrock

What if I my Acne isn’t going away?

Acne can be persistent. If it isn’t responding to your self care regime, contact our Acne Clinic. You may need antibiotics to clear up bacterial infection or other medications to reduce or clear the Acne.

Can I Book an Online Consultation for Acne Treatment?

Absolutely, our doctors have been treating patients online since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic. When you contact us for an appointment, just let us know whether you prefer a face to face or online consultation.

If your doctor decides to treat you with Roaccutane medication, a blood & urine sample will be required. You will be asked to attend the practice for this appointment in person or book some blood tests in your local GP practice in advance of your consultation.

"With a lot of experience in Roaccutane treatment, I have found it to be an extremely effective treatment for acne, when used properly in selected patients and under careful medical supervision. It offers a permanent solution to what can be a devastating skin issue for so many." Dr Lena Healy.

How much does it cost?

Your initial consultation is €150.

Follow up (physical or online) consultations are €100.

Repeat acne blood tests are billed at €40.

We also provide a range of General Dermatology Treatments (Eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, skin rashes etc), Mole Screening & Minor Surgery.  Further information is available in our Services section under 'Dermatology'.