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New lease of life for 91-year-old couple Tommy and May

Tommy and May Hardiman, both 91, who had their second dose of the Pfizer vaccine at Old Bawn Medical, Centric Health, on Thursday, April 1.

News 14 Apr, 2021

Tommy and Mary feel they have been given a “new lease of life” on receiving their second dose of the Covid-19 vaccination.

In an interview with the Tallaght Echo on 12th April, Tommy said "It will be a new lease of life for us and for the family - that’s the way I would explain it. The last year was just terrible, but I have to be honest we have been very lucky because we have a big garden out the back and we have been able to talk through the window and we have never been short of company.

“It is a terrible thing for elderly people to go through, both physically and mentally, it’s quite isolating at times.  Really and truly, it is a terrible thing to be confined, there are people getting depressed and everything and we were lucky we did not reach that stage.  When you reach a certain age, your activities are limited anyway, but to know that we can go for a walk if we want now without fear is great.  I hope to be able to be with my family more, instead of standing six feet away at all times, but we still have to be cautious, that caution will always be there.  To know that you are no longer confined is just a relief. I can do what I want and go where I want, within reason I understand.”

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