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Get ready for Winter with the Flu Vaccine

Avoid the flu this winter by getting the Flu vaccine early.

News Article 09 Oct, 2023

Flu season in Ireland is from October to April each year and flu is highly contagious.

If you are vaccinated by October you give yourself and those around you the best chance of avoiding the flu, especially those most at risk - the old, the young and people with immune weakness.

Your body takes up to 2 weeks to develop flu immunity after vaccination, lasting typically from 6 months up to 2 years against targeted strains.

Flu viruses mutate so new vaccines are developed each year-that’s why you need a new vaccine every September/October to maximise your chances of staying flu-free.

* We know no-one likes injections but our expert healthcare teams are trained to minimise any discomfort. Honest…

Vaccination is free to HSE approved groups. For more details  or to book your appointment, talk to us today.

Get Your Vaccine, not the Flu