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Men's Health 08 May, 2024
Risks of Using the Internet to Self-Diagnose

It is dangerous to self-diagnose medical conditions online. Learn why seeking expert medical advice from Healthcare Professionals is crucial for accurate diagnoses and successful treatments.

News 26 Oct, 2023
Facing Reality: 8 ways to Cope with Denial 

Denial is a common human defense mechanism that helps us avoid facing uncomfortable truths or difficult emotions.

News 26 Oct, 2023
Headache or Migraine: Ways to Distinguish Between the Two

Headaches and migraines are often used interchangeably, but they are distinct conditions with varying causes, symptoms and treatments.

news 26 Oct, 2023
The Top 5 Health Questions every Man should ask his Father

Our genetic make-up is a key indicator of what, if any, illnesses we may encounter throughout our lives. As preventative healthcare is becoming more effective at either delaying or preventing inherited illnesses, it is very important to know your family medical history and share this information with your GP. 

News 25 Oct, 2023
Why Am I So Tired? Understanding Fatigue

Fatigue, weariness, low energy – these are common feelings that many people experience at times when they just can't seem to muster the energy to do anything. Fatigue is more than simply feeling sleepy.  It can be physical weariness, mental fog and emotional lack of motivation. There are many causes of fatigue that are easy to recognise, but others can be caused by medical conditions, age, or life changes.

Magnesium rich food
News 24 Oct, 2023
Boost Your Health with Magnesium-Rich Foods 

Magnesium is a mighty mineral that plays a vital role in keeping your body healthy and happy. It helps your muscles work, makes your brain boost cognitive abilities and even results in stronger bones. But here is the kicker: your body cannot make magnesium on its own. So, it's up to you to get enough of this essential nutrient from your diet. 

news 24 Oct, 2023
Connecting the Dots: How Anxiety Raises Heart Health Risk in Men 

Anxiety is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide and its impact on overall health is profound. Recent studies have shown that anxiety can have a particularly significant effect on men's heart health, increasing their risk of cardiovascular problems.

Frustrated Women lost keys
News 24 Oct, 2023
Tired of forgetting where you put your Keys? 

10 Simple Hacks to Improve Focus and Memory 

Testosterone graph by age in Men
news 24 Oct, 2023
Understanding Testosterone: Are Your Levels Normal for Optimal Men's Health? 

How Low Testosterone Levels Affect Mens' Lives

Hypothyroidism in Older Woman
News 23 Oct, 2023
Hypothyroidism and Dementia Misdiagnosis as we age

 Why older people with a very underactive thyroid gland can sometimes be misdiagnosed as having dementia.

Mental Health fitness mage
News 10 Oct, 2023
Mental Fitness: Get your head in the game

We often hear about the importance of physical fitness and how maintaining a healthy body improves our lifespan.   So while we can extend our life expectancy by improving our physical health, our mental fitness is fundamentally important if we also want to improve our quality of life.

News 03 Oct, 2023
Pouring From An Empty Cup? How to start filling it back up.

Many people feel exhausted, drained, angry, tired, and depressed by the end of the day. Fatigue can set in a few hours after getting up, and there isn’t enough coffee in the world to wake up fully. Everything you do is a struggle to complete and your once enthusiastic self doesn’t see joy in anything.