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Key questions about Digital Doctor


What if I call to book an appointment? Who will I speak to when I call?

When you first call, you will speak to a member of the Patient Care Team who will take your details and arrange a convenient time for either a GP telephone or video consultation. Please be advised that phone consults are available 24hrs a day and video consultations are available Monday – Sunday 8am to 10pm, excluding Christmas Day.

Can I call in emergencies?

This service is not designed for medical emergencies. For urgent care needs, the best course of action is to visit your nearest A&E department or dial 112.

Who are the Digital Doctor GPs?

Digital Doctor is provided by Centric Health, Ireland’s largest primary care provider. Their GPs are expert clinicians trained in general practice and virtual healthcare techniques.

All Digital Doctor GPs are registered with the Irish Medical Council and based in Ireland with extensive experience of the Irish Healthcare system.

How much does a Digital Doctor consultation cost?

Unlimited Digital Doctor consultations are included, when covered on your Irish Life Health plan, at no extra cost.

Can I choose to speak to a male or female GP?

Yes. Where possible, we will always try to accommodate a patient’s preference to speak to a male or female doctor.

Is there any limit to the number of appointments I can make?

No, the service is unlimited!

Can I book a consultation for my child?

Yes, children are eligible to use Digital Doctor when covered on their plan. Where a patient is under the age of 18, it is necessary for their parent or legal guardian to book on their behalf.

Can I use Digital Doctor if I am pregnant?

For pregnancy related questions, for your own wellbeing and that of your baby we recommend that you contact your own GP or caregiver.

We understand that other medical matters can arise while you are pregnant and depending on the condition, a Digital Doctor GP may be able to provide medical advice. You may also contact the Irish Life Health Nurse on Call service for pregnancy and midwifery related advice on 01 562 5150

Please always advise the Digital Doctor Patient Care Team if you are or could be pregnant.

Can Digital Doctor issue a prescription and if so, how do I receive it?

Yes, where the GP believes it is clinically appropriate, they will issue a prescription. The prescription will be emailed securely to a pharmacy of your choice during your consultation. You can then collect your prescription during pharmacy opening hours.

In line with clinical best practice guidelines for remote prescribing, Digital Doctors GPs are unable to issue repeat prescriptions for the ongoing treatment of long-term conditions. In these instances, it is in your best interest to be seen by your own GP who will manage your care.

Digital Doctor GPs may be able to offer individual prescriptions for, and advice on, medication you are currently taking and short course medication for certain acute conditions, depending on the symptoms presented.

Can Digital Doctor issue a sick note?

Yes, if the GP feels it is medically appropriate, they can send you a sick note. This will be e-mailed securely to your preferred e-mail address.

Can the Digital Doctor issue referrals to specialists?

Should the GP feel that you would benefit from seeing a consultant or specialist, they can provide you with a referral letter. In some instances, the GP may advise that your own GP makes the referral to ensure continuity of medical care.

Remember to check the cover you have on your individual policy before engaging a consultant or specialist or accessing any diagnostic or treatment services. The referral letter is not confirmation of cover.

To learn more about what is covered under your Irish Life Health policy, you can log in to your online account here and use the Am I Covered tool. Or you can call the Irish Life Health Customer Care Team on (01) 562 5100 and they will be happy to assist you. They are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

What if I have a query about how the service works?

Please feel free to call us on 01 562 5150 or e-mail us on heretohelp@irishlifehealth.ie

How is my data and records stored?

Centric Health is the data controller for all patient data. Patient data and records are stored on a GP practice management system called Socrates. This will only be accessible with multi-factor authentication by authorised GPs and staff. All prescriptions and referrals will be made by secure e-mail.

Is the service confidential?

Yes. Patient confidentiality is very important, and all medical records remain confidential. Continuity of care is extremely important; therefore, a record of your consultation and medical notes can be securely sent to your own GP by request, with your consent.

How do I get a copy of any medical notes created during my consultation?

If you would like a copy of your notes, please let your GP know during your consultation. Alternatively you can request your notes by completing this form or send an email request to digitaldoctor@centrichealth.ie.

Who is Centric Health?

Centric Health is a Irish Primary Care group with a growing network of GP practices across Ireland. The company was founded in 2004 by two doctors, Dr Maurice Cox (CEO) and Dr Ray Power (Medical Director).