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Company Profile 

Centric Health was founded in Ireland in 2003 by Dr Maurice Cox and Dr Ray Power.  Today, with a staff in excess of 300, it has integrated its services in 5 key areas to best serve the 200,000+ patients that pass through its doors each year in Ireland and the UK.    

  1. Centric GP: GP Care is delivered throughout Ireland via our ever expanding network of purpose-built Primary Care facilities where Centric GP Doctors and Nurses work in tandem with Dentists, Consultants, Physiotherapists and HSE Primary Care teams facilitated by on-site diagnostics to support medical needs in the local community.


  1. VHI Swiftcare: In response to long wait times in A & E Hospital departments, an Urgent Care network was established. This joint venture between Irelands largest Healthcare insurer, the VHI and Centric Health – VHI Swiftcare, provides non-life threatening medical care to over 1000 patients a day, 8am to 10pm, 365 days a year.


  1. Global Diagnostics: In response to long waiting times in Ireland, the UK and Australia for general x-ray and MRI imaging, Centric Health established Global Diagnostics.   Patients of Centric Health’s Primary Care Facilities and the larger community now benefit from faster, peer reviewed state of the art radiology services with waiting times reduced by as much as three months.  This enables Centric to progress the treatment of patients at a much faster rate than before.


  1. Centric Occupational Health: provides comprehensive corporate occupational medical services throughout Ireland. Since inception in 2003, services have expanded to assist employers and employees in a diverse range of areas such as absenteeism reduction, occupational psychology, safety at work and workplace wellness in line with National guidelines and best practice protocols.


  1. Locumotion: Centric’s Medical Recruitment company, Locumotion, ensures an available supply of doctors and Consultants for its Urgent Care and Primary Care services.  It also provides doctors and specialist consultants to GP practices and Hospitals throughout Ireland and is the preferred medical recruitment provider to the Health Service Executive, Irelands National Health Service.


Our mission is to ‘Strive to keep people healthy in their own community’ through a range of innovative and accessible local healthcare services, putting the patient’s welfare and care at the heart of everything we do.


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